User Panels

A local control panel allows occupants to adjust the lighting control system to suit their requirements.

To help perform the various functions required of the control system and help users to intuitively interact with the many different features, there is a wide selection of options:
- Custom engraving of pushbuttons and faceplate to describe panel functionality.
- Capability for receiving IR commands from hand-held remotes.
- Key lockable switches for disabling panel functions.
- Local access network sockets to allow programming changes within area.
- Manual adjustable sliders for setting light level output.
- Built-in displays showing control system information.

Each panel family is available with many different button configurations that allows for flexible project solutions. All panels utilise the same low voltage DyNet port for connecting to the network. They are powered directly from the network and therefore require no mains wiring.

Each panel can be individually configured via EnvisionProject commissioning software to perform simple or complex logical functions without the need for additional network devices. Using any Philips Dynalite panel within a project brings the full power of the control system at the single touch of a button.

Antumbra Panels

This new range redefines the pre-conceptions about what a user interface keypad or panel can be and the way people can intuitively interact with automated control systems.
Antumbra sets the standard from both a design and an engineering perspective. Not only is Philips pushing the boundaries of what a user interface could be, but it also includes new methods of interaction, construction, installation and aesthetics.
The result is a truly unique user interface that is able to use the entire faceplate as control points with many features hidden beneath its slick design. The Antumbra panel range will allow for mixing and matching different finishes of buttons and rims to match the client’s requirement.

Panel samples